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Welcome to Saxtherapy. My name is Steve Masters, I have been playing the Saxophone for around 28 years. I play in a large concert windband and run their music library, in addition, I play lead Altoist in a Big Band and I drum in a pop/R&B band. I have for many years, been passionate about all genres of music and playing the saxophone. I was inspired by openings from 'Baker Street', Canonball Adderley's 'St. Louis Blues' and many more. This is a snippet of my version of 'The Wedding Song' I recorded recently. The Saxophone is a very versatile instrument used in all genres of music. I think if you asked anybody what instrument they would be keen to learn, the Saxophone would be close to being the most popular choice.

If you have some spare time during the day or evening and wish to take up a new rewarding hobby, or improve your playing, then this may be of interest to you. I am offering individual beginners lessons with a view to forming beginners groups of up to four in my studio at home. If you are a complete novice and do not have an instrument, that will not be a problem, I will let you have use of one during each of the individual lessons you have booked, I will give you your first reed (included) free, to use throughout your time with me. The prices I quote include the use of a saxophone, if needed, during the lessons, all the music material required. What ever level you are at or want to achieve, I want to make you comfortable and relaxed playing in a non-judgemental environment. 

individual lessons are ideal if you need a 'Kick Start' to playing the saxophone and to learn the technical side of handling and playing the saxophone. You will also have free use of an instrument during your lessons and a free reed. Thank you for your visit. If you have any question please contact me.

If you do not get the opportunity to go out and play in a band, or feel you are not quite ready to play in public, then why not have a go at playing some songs at home with your very own rhythm section? I can produce a backing track for almost any jazz standard in any key and at any tempo you feel comfortable with. Why not use a backing track as a study piece? Or even perform to family and friends. If you already play the saxophone and have lessons with me, I will produce a free backing track for you for every lesson you book or have booked and paid for. As you progress, I will re-produce your track at a faster tempo to reflect your improvements through lessons. 

If you do not have lessons through me, but would still like to have some jazz backing tracks, then you can order them from me for £1.50 each by contacting me the song title, the key you would like to play the piece in and the tempo you wish to use. Happy Playing

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